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Vern Harms

Owner at Creative Kitchens Ltd · Killarney, Manitoba
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Vern Harms was associated with Creative Kitchens Ltd between 2010 and 2011. They may have been associated with this organization before or after these years as well.

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(22) Industry Contacts

Household appliances and goods
Owner at The Computer Place · Killarney, Manitoba
Owner at Garabed's Home Furnishings · Canada
Owner at Turtle Mountain Appliances & Furniture · Boissevain, Manitoba
Owner at Spruce Woods Electronics · Glenboro
Owner at Rainbow Clean Care Svc · Brandon, Manitoba
Owner at Mortech Electronics · Brandon, Manitoba
Owner at All Make Vacuums Sales Service Repair · Brandon, Manitoba
Owner at Diamond Waterworks · Brandon, Manitoba
Owner at Richmond Appliance · Brandon, Manitoba
Owner at Kellington Floors · Brandon, Manitoba
Manager at Stokes · Brandon, Manitoba

(22) Industry Contacts

General contractors
Maurice's Home Furnishings · Killarney, Manitoba
Manager at McNic Construction · Killarney, Manitoba
Owner at T L Seagram Construction Ltd · Killarney, Manitoba
Owner at Hazen Thomas & Sons Contractin · Killarney, Manitoba
President at NRT Construction LTD · Canada
Owner at KM Construction · Cartwright, Manitoba
Owner at Penner Builders · Cartwright, Manitoba
Ed Facey    
Assistant VP at Drilling Records · Boissevain, Manitoba
Owner at Jim Fluker Construction Ltd · Boissevain, Manitoba
Owner at Turner Gordon Construction · Boissevain, Manitoba
Owner at Jpg's Construction · Baldur, Manitoba