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Chantal Lemieux

Owner at Esthétique Chantal Lemieux · Val-d'Or
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Chantal Lemieux was associated with Esthétique Chantal Lemieux in 2011. They may have been associated with this organization before or after this year as well.

Esthétique Chantal Lemieux Business Data

   1762 Rue Lévesque, Val-d'Or, QC J9P 5Y2, Canada, Quebec
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(50) Industry Contacts

Owner at Salon Johanne · Val-d'Or
Owner at Salon DE Coiffure Lynn Elle · Val-d'Or
Owner Operator at Concept Denis Cote Inc. · Val-d'Or
Owner at Salon Topaze · Val-d'Or
Owner at Salon Cleopatre · Val-d'Or
Owner at Salon Chez Maude · Val-d'Or
Owner at Coiffure Johanne Morton · Val-d'Or
Owner at Salon Janice · Val-d'Or
Owner at Janice Parent · Val-d'Or
Owner at Clinique D'Esthetique Jouvence · Val-d'Or
Owner at Esthetique Chantal Lemieux · Val-d'Or
Owner at Salon Reflet Mode · Val-d'Or
Owner at Doigte D'Amour · Val-d'Or
Owner at Canadian Dollar Plus · Val-d'Or

(50) Industry Contacts

Beauty salons
Owner at Esthetique Chantal Lemieux · Les Cèdres, Quebec

(50) Industry Contacts

Day spas
Louise Savignac · Val-d'Or
Owner at Myo-Relaxation · Val-d'Or
Owner at Helene Pratte Massotherapie · Val-d'Or
Owner at Salon Agathe · Val-d'Or
Owner at Salon Image Et Plus · Val-d'Or
Owner at Aphrodite Clinique Médico-Esthétique · Val-d'Or
Owner at Salon De Bronzage R X Soleil Val D'Or · Val-d'Or
Pédicure Julie Authier · Val-d'Or
Clinique Thérapeutique Musculaire · Val-d'Or

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